What to Expect

We are not currently under any restrictions or guidelines in our area of Oklahoma.
That being said, we are still exercising an abundance of caution and cleanliness.

We have a team of church members which make up our weekly volunteer cleaning
rotation, and they do a great job of keeping surfaces and sanctuary clean each week.

While under restrictions, we have gone so far as to restrict and reduce seating area,
asking households and extended family to congregate and sit together and distance
themselves from other families. 

Masks have always been welcomed, but have remained optional with many entering
with a mask and then removing them once they have been seated for worship.

We encourage you if these measures make you and your family feel more comfortable,
please continue to do so and don't discourage others from doing so.

As always, we have continued to be a welcoming church, allowing time during fellowship
to greet one another with the understanding that it isn't hurtful or harmful to pleasantly
decline a hug or a hand shake.

Some have elected to excuse themselves during these awkward or inconvenient traditions
of church worship; an action once considered rude prior to coronavirus that had become
both common and acceptable as a part of our new normal.

We remain as vigilant as we were during severe cold and flu season prior to the virus, 
with hand sanitizer at every entrance as well as key place within the sanctuary.

Also, encouraging all of our essential volunteers and staff to stay home at the least sign
of illness, with no pressure to return too promptly to their position of service.

That being said you will be greeted, welcomed, and loved when you visit Bible Baptist
Church; we call it the human touch and we believe the world could all use a little more
of it as the threat of coronavirus continues to beat down our human spirit.