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Empowering Courageous Kids Videos

Empowering Courageous Kids provides you weekly interactive video lessons that guide kids and their families through meaningful experiences and discussions focused on Jesus’ miracles, demonstrating how his power pulls us through times just like this.

Each lesson is created to reveal how Jesus’ power is bigger than the emotions kids are facing surrounding the Coronavirus. Lessons address the fear, loneliness, uncertainty, boredom, worry, and anger that kids might be feeling. Kids will discover how to manage those negative emotions through empowerment and thankfulness. And by exploring Jesus’ miracles, kids and their families will see how Jesus’ power will help them overcome this time of fear and uncertainty. Click link below...


Week 1  04/01/20

Week 2  04/08/20

Week 3  04/15/20

Week 4  04/22/20

Week 5  04/29/20

Week 6  05/06/20

Week 7  05/13/20

Week 8  05/20/20



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