Parking Lot Services

We have prior to coronavirus and will continue to provide Parking Lot Services. If you have ever had to quarantine or voluntary distance yourself for any period of time, you know faithfulness can become an issue.

When there is no central place and time for worship or no formal environment for worship, our worship can become as casual and untimely as that of even an unbeliever.

If we are truthful about human nature, virtually worshipping is the same as virtually not worshipping! Non-attendance is the slippery slope of not attending.

That is why we provide parking lot services with radio feed of the live service within three blocks of church property, with online offering as an option. 

During one of our regularly scheduled services, you can tune in on your car radio to 88.1 FM and observe our services from your vehicle or our parking lot.

Feel free to come early and stay late and honk and wave to your church friends and family, so you can still benefit from the biblical accountability to your fellow believers.

When you are able to return to worship, you will not have to battle any bad habits formed during quarantine, like sleeping in, and just open the car door and join us inside!