We would like to thank you for considering visiting us at Bible Baptist Church. Just as everything in God's Word is centered around the family, everything we do at Bible Baptist Church is centered around family. We are not only a church, but we are also a family and are hoping you will find a home at Bible Baptist the moment you enter our doors and meet our genuine and loving people. I believe you will find our worship services and our members to be authentic and sincere.

We, at Bible Baptist Church, strive to be true to our name! We are a Bible believing church, and we truly practice the doctrines it teaches. We are not Baptist in name only, but also in biblical practice. We are a Church that still does what God has commanded His churches to do. Our calendar is filled with activities in which your family will not only experience fellowship, but also spiritual growth. These are events to which you would be proud to invite your friends, family, and co-workers, but stand to benefit from yourself, emphasizing personal evangelism and continued discipleship.


We are "Still A Going Church For Our Coming Lord"!

Bro. Brandon Steed



"Sock It To Me" Sunday Services!

Now Feb. 28th through Easter Apr. 4th!

Our church has recently become obsessed with socks, having entire Ladies Fellowship meetings about them, and given out as gifts at Sr. Saints fellowships. I myself recently as a birthday procurement have received an assortment of 12 crazy socks from a loved one.  I could not help but think, what if  we all had an opportunity to show off all the crazy socks we have recently been given and exchanged, so was birthed the "Sock It To Me" Services movement. I will for the next 6 Sunday services (morning and evening), I will wear one pair of increasingly bright and tacky socks (images may well be taken and posted on social media). I invite you and your family to join in on the fun, by wearing your own tacky socks and joining in a friendly competition with Pastor of which has worn the craziest socks! The judging will take place during the announcements each service and all contestants  will be invited to the platform, after a quick poll of the audience a gift of $5 will be awarded to the winner! This event will run between now and Easter April 4th!! We will all have fun, glorify the Lord, and you could win up to $60!!  Hopefully some great preaching will also produce new and renewed believers in Christ!

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