Small Wonders Bring Great Belief
Delivered By
Bro. Brandon Steed
Delivered On
January 9, 2022 at 8:15 AM
John 2:1-11

By helping our children to see and identify God's little miracles in their life, they will not be alarmed when God performs His greater miracles in their life (such as salvation), nor will they be deceived when the Devil performs his counterfeit and imitation miracles he desires to perform in their lives. God moves us from observance of miracles, to belief, and then performance (rather participation) in His miracles so that others might believe. God is still in the business of the miraculous, why then do we observe these miracles less and less. Whether blinded by or bound by our unbelief, it may be we've grown increasingly oblivious to God's small miracles the Lord does in our daily life. Just as the Lord was concerned with an event of such minor significance as with a wedding at Cana; so also, the Lord is concerned with the mundane details of your day to day life. May we again through obedience and observance, see the Lord's small wonders in our family's lives.