Running To Or From The Tomb & Resurrection
Delivered By
Bro. Brandon Steed
Delivered On
March 20, 2022 at 8:15 AM
John 20:1-18

This Easter for the very first time, we are celebrating with everyone in our household professing a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and belief in His Resurrection. I pray the same for you and your household, and promise to help your child "run to Jesus", but also help you to "run to others". The good news for you as a parent is that Jesus, like with Mary and the disciples, will always appear and explain the gospel and resurrection to you or your family member, if they will but ask (James 1:5). Some will believe without seeing, some will see and believe, while yet some will not belief, but don't let that prevent you from presenting the gospel to your family and its members this resurrection season.