Yes, we are open for in-person worship this Sunday 05-03-2020, but not without special circumstances. We welcome anyone and everyone, interested in worshipping this Sunday without any pretense that you will attend our services once your church resumes it's worship in the weeks to come. If you are one of our members, it is important for you to understand, though we are inside of our church things are going to be a little different than expected. (You may not be able to sit in your usual place and you may not be able to fellowship with those you normally socialize with).

To help members and visitors better understand what to expect, we have included the pictures above and this simple guide. Entering our building may require patience and additional time, so plan accordingly. The red tape is representative of the six feet of separation required by the CDC for social distancing, and is not  intended to be exact. Please observe these markings as our families enter our building, sanitize their hands, and wait to be seated.

In order to remain compliant with all regulations guiding in-person worship, special instructions may need to be given for each individual, couple, and family entering our sanctuary. Every other pew is available for seating and will seat between eight to ten people comfortably. Family units are permitted and encouraged to sit together as a family all on the same pew, giving as much room for other attenders and visitors as possible. Families with fewer than five members should expect to possibly sit with another couple or small family of three or less. This will allow us to maximize our worship capacity and permit visitors the opportunity to worship along with our church family.

If these arrangements for seating do not satisfy your preference or your personal needs, we have additional options for worship with us this Sunday. Should we reach our social distancing capactiy, we still have our parking lot set up for worship within your vehicle via radio on 88.1 FM or on livestream from our website www.bbcfrederickok.org. Knowing the temperatures are rising outside as summer approaches, we are glad to offer overflow seating in our fellowship hall. This option is available to anyone upon request, whether you're not comfortable with the arrangements in our sanctuary or you prefer this option simply to make room for more guests or visitors to our church.

The arrangements in our Fellowship Hall are very similar to our sanctuary and you should still expect to wait to be seated and that you might not get to be seated near your friends. These services will follow exactly the sanctuary services, but will be slightly delayed because of the online transmission of signal. You are encouraged to still sing out in worship and say, "Amen" when you agree with the message. It is the Lord who will receive the glory from these displays of worship, even though you may be concerned with the thoughts of those around you. It may even encourage others to worship the Lord as well!

There will be no formal fellowship and handshaking time, but we will have a formal offering and invitation. The offering will be accompanied by piano music, and our families will be given opportunity row by row from front to back to pass-by the offering plate and drop in an whatever funds they wish to give then return to their pew. Great care should be given not interact or converse with any individuals outside of your own family group, this is especially true of attendees wearing personal protective equipment including gloves or masks. This will help ensure the virus or disease doesn't spread to those vulnerable or immuno-compromised and will help preserve our rights to worship without disturbance or interruption.

During our time of invitation our altars will be open for prayer and decision, and those requesting the assistance of a minister can approach the pastor for prayer and consultation. Places for family members to gather together and pray will be clearly indicated and separated by the advisory six foot guidline. Extreme caution is to be diligently exercised during this deeply religious and righteous moment of our services not to interact socially with those outside of your family group, so everyone has liberty and freedom to do business with God without fear of exposure or interuption. As soon as you have completed the task for which you have approached the altar, we ask that you return quickly and quietly to your seat.

Exiting our worship services needs to be done as patiently as we entered, keeping required distancing and limiting social interaction until after you have completely exited and cleared the porch of our church building, allowing everyone egress before pausing to interact with others. This is all an unfortunate necessity in order for us to experience worship together in our building, and self-discipline will prevent ministers from having to police anyone. Should any attempt be made to disrupt worship, or target others for their personal preferences, that individual will be asked to return to their vehicle in order to observe the remainder of the service from their car. We don't expect, but we are prepared for any problems.

In the end, this is Frederick and we are all a family. Like with our own family this viral outbreak and frightening disease means that even at home we must make sacrifices in order to protect one another, we are simply adding those additional changes to our order of worship and religious practice. God bless you all, and we hope to see you all in service on Sunday!